Santa Barbara

Kenny and I snuck away from the family for two days to go taste wines and be tourists in Santa Barbara. I hadn’t spent much time there since a trip with the girls for Spring Break during my senior year of college.

To summarize:

  • Santa Barbara wineries: recommended, especially for the scenery. We really liked Bridlewood. Not that we even tasted the wine, but the grounds were gorgeous.
  • Old Yacht Club Inn: not recommended. Kenny even felt inspired to write a TripAdvisor review warning other tourists about our unpleasant stay there.
  • Opal Restaurant and Bar: it came highly recommended by the host at our B&B. We thought it was somewhat over-hyped and over-priced. The food was good but not great.
  • Being a tourist on the wharf, State Street, and the courthouse: highly recommended.
  • Ostrich Land: we didn’t make it on this trip, but from past experience, it’s worth a visit if you’re nearby. I need to find and post my old ostrich photos.

Us at Bridlewood


These silly-looking plants are all over Santa Barbara

Courthouse window