Highway 405 Will Take You

The 6ths have a song that goes

Highway 405 will take you
From the Boom-Boom Room
To Interstate 5 which goes right to
The San Diego Zoo…

Kenny and I had this song stuck in our heads all day during our trip to the San Diego Zoo with my brother. I hadn’t been to the zoo since I was a kid, and Kenny loves zoos, so we thought it would be a fun way to spend Xmas Eve.

The San Diego Zoo is most famous for breeding giant pandas in captivity, and has bred the first two giant pandas that were born in the US and have survived to adulthood. As a result, the lines to the panda exhibit are absurdly long, and we decided we’d see them another day. But we spent quite a while with the polar bears (recently on the endangered list) and the orangutans and gibbons (who share a habitat at the zoo).

At the entrance to the zoo

Polar bears

Wild animals

Two boys and a camel

We had a great time at the San Diego Zoo. Next time we’re in the area, we’re going to check out the Wild Animal Park (another place I haven’t visited since I was a kid).