I’m an Aunt!

…by marriage, as my husband just became an uncle. Congratulations to Laura and Aaron on the birth of their adorable son Jadon Elijah!


I will meet him for the first time on New Year’s Eve in Miami.

Thanksgiving in New Orleans

Kenny’s dad and stepmom moved to Slidell, Louisiana (a suburb of New Orleans) about two years ago. Just after Hurricane Katrina, Kenny and I both wrote about their experiences during and in the aftermath of the disaster.

Kenny has been out to Slidell once to visit Gary and Lynn since Katrina, but I haven’t had the chance to visit yet (in fact I’ve never been to New Orleans at all). I’m excited to be making my first trip out there this week, for a Wolf clan Thanksgiving celebration (the entire Wolf clan consists of Kenny, his sisters, their father and stepmother, and an aunt and cousin, so it’s not too difficult to get them all together). It’s unfortunate that I never got to see pre-Katrina New Orleans, but in any case I’m glad to be going now and I’ll certainly have my camera with me.

Gary has promised to make us his famous “trash can turkey” (I’m sure Kenny or I will post the recipe in a few days, and I will be sure to post photos of the process) and we will be making the cranberry salsa that was such a big hit with my family in Los Angeles last year.

Meet the Parents Part 3

Big weekend coming up: Kenny‘s mom/stepfather and dad/stepmother are flying in to LA to meet my parents. It should be very amusing. We fly down to LA tonight.

As a side note, someone convinced us to rent Meet the Parents in anticipation of this weekend. Which reminded me for the billionth time that I need to take movie recommendations with a huge freakin’ mountain of salt – what a bad movie!