It Wasn’t Me

I received the following query via text message from my friend Gio this weekend:

Lauren did you write a letter to seattle weekly about steve scher? Check out mar 26 apr 1 edition

No, I never wrote a letter to Seattle Weekly, but the letter in question certainly looks like one that I could have written:

Dear Uptightness,

I’ve lived in Seattle for three years, having previously lived in the Bay Area and L.A. I love it here: the outdoors, the music, the friendly people. And like you, I’m a huge fan of NPR. However, I can’t stand Steve Scher. I have to run to the radio at 9 a.m. to change the station to avoid his rambling and pointless introductions to dry segments that seem to waste everyone’s time. (And why so many segments on gardening?) I’ve been told natives like him, but every other California transplant I know agrees with me. You were interviewed for his program, so maybe you have some insight. Should I get over myself? Or should I be the vanguard of the “Fire Scher” movement?

Cali Transplant

Gio knows that I can’t stand Steve Scher. He was especially struck by the comment about gardening-themed shows, as he’s heard me complain about them on more than one occasion. And the profile fits – I did move here from California after living in L.A. and the Bay Area.

However, there are a few tip-offs that this wasn’t actually me:

  1. While I suppose I technically am a “Cali Transplant,” I wouldn’t be caught dead using the actual words “Cali Transplant.”
  2. I’ve lived in Seattle for nearly 5 years, not 3.
  3. If I were to write such a letter, I would submit it to Seattle’s Only Newspaper – the Stranger – rather than Seattle Weekly.

But still, pretty weird.