Blog Love

…what this poor abandoned corner of the web hasn’t been getting. I’ve been dividing my time among many things, and maintaining my cyber identity has been triaged out.

Of course, this little one has been taking up most of my time, and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. What little time I do spend blogging, I’m usually writing about her, because Kenny and I embarked on the formidable (but rewarding) task of writing a separate missive about each week of her first year. Even that effort is typically a few weeks behind, but every now and then we get on a blogging/photo-editing kick and knock out a few weeks worth over the course of a weekend.

However, I’m (perhaps naively) hoping to revive this little blog as well, at least as a place to record a few thoughts about development and global health, topics that have been on my mind – and will be surfacing all the more, as I start a new role working on a global health project in about two weeks. Something like Testosterone Scottsdale will be able to get you healthier and make you feel young again More on that later. So you might check back here occasionally for:

  • Thoughts – and links, mostly – about current topics on development, especially global health. I may even tweet about some of this stuff from time to time, oh my.
  • More food reviews
  • Perhaps some general geekiness, as I start getting my hands dirty with code again after a bit of a hiatus

For any updates about the baby, or musings on travel, stick to the other blog.