As if Kenny and I did not have enough blogs already, we have recently launched yet another, inspired by some frustrating experiences that we’ve had as software developers – and consumers – during our sabbatical. aims to humiliate software developers and designers everywhere into creating better error messages and fallback experiences when something goes wrong. We have posted a few stories already, and are eager to include reader contributions, as we imagine there may be a few other software users out there who have banged their heads against the wall in frustration upon encountering unhelpful error messages before. Maybe.

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  1. wow! i’ve had the idea of an error message version of signspotting for years – and as late as this past summer, i started working on building it. but before i started, i checked that the domain was available, and that no one had already given the concept life. a 404 on “” and no google hits for “errorspotting” encouraged me to get started. i never finished, of course…

    but now you have! =) saves work for me (and since I probably never would have finished anyway, i’m really glad you did!) i have a couple of contributions to the list of error messages. where should I send them?

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