Our Mailman Hates Us

Honestly, I don’t even understand what this “as usual” business is all about. This has happened once before.

Although I was excited to be able to tell Kenny that “our postman was going postal on us.”

Of course we also got a lecture from the postal worker at the post office when we went to pick up our mail. And out of the big crate of mail that he handed us, less than 10 pieces were useful – the rest we recycled before leaving the post office. We need a spam filtering service for snail mail…

4 thoughts on “Our Mailman Hates Us”

  1. I would be worried. Strange behavior like that (I’m not being sarcastic here) is an early sign of danger.
    Of course, just try to reach the postmaster. In our town, there is no longer any listing for local post offices, only 800 numbers. You gotta write a letter. Mail it before the postal rates go up to 41c in May.

  2. Yeah, that was sweet too. Although that probably wasn’t his fault – it’s mispelled on the mailbox too…

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