Cranberry Salsa

Kenny beat me to posting this, but it’s worth pointing out for those who don’t read both of our blogs…

A few years ago, my mom found and clipped a recipe for cranberry salsa. We made it for Thanksgiving that year, and it was really good, but we sort of forgot about it for a few years. This year, we went to the big Thanksgiving bash at our Cousin Sunny’s (as we often do), and we made a large batch of the salsa as an alternative to the standard cranberry relish that is also served. The salsa was a huge hit – we got compliments from everyone, and several people asked me for the recipe (one of whom has already made it for her friends now, who have in turn asked for it).

We made it extra spicy by adding a couple of extra serrano chiles. You can scale it up or down to fit your taste. The recipe is here and it is awesome.

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