Tennessee-Style Trash Can Turkey (as Practiced in New Orleans)

As promised, some photos of the trash can turkey…

It all starts with a stake in the ground.

Then the turkey gets impaled on the stake. I believe Gary injected this turkey with something yummy.

The trash can goes on top.

And then the hot coals go on top of (and around) the trash can.

The turkey “bakes” this way for a couple of hours. As with a conventional turkey recipe, the baking time depends on the size of the turkey.

The end result was delicious. It had a great smoky flavor that turkey usually lacks.

8 thoughts on “Tennessee-Style Trash Can Turkey (as Practiced in New Orleans)”

  1. Use a large ice cooler. Submerge turkey in salted water (use standard brining recipe for salt and water. Add some apple juice if you like. Soak 24 hours. Good luck.

  2. i tried this with a plastic can and it did not work so good. ti left a very tough crispy to it

  3. my mom really likes it made with a plastic can. she says it gives it a nice rubber taste. my moo likes to eat rubber.

  4. I have looked at other sights and some of them say to burn or treat the can first. In your photos, it looks like a brand new can. What’s the differance?
    Dee W.

  5. You must burn the galvanize off the can first. It will put small metal flakes all over your bird if you don’t. Also the fumes that a new can give off can’t be good to eat.
    Just get a small fire going and invert the can over it. Rest it on a few bricks to let the air go in an leave it for an hour. When you go to store the can, spray it inside and out with cooking spray so it doesn’t rust. You can use it for years this way.

  6. My Step Dad injects his bird with Creole Butter and Seasoning first. After he cooks the bird tastes awesome. Just another way to add some flavoring.

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