I Come from a Land Down Under

KW and I had planned to go to Australia and New Zealand this December, because we will have enough frequent flyer miles to do so after this coming weekend’s trip to the Bay Area. However, Kenny called Continental this morning, and there is no more availability for flights to Sydney or Auckland — they apparently become available 338 days in advance, and they go fast. Fortunately we can’t really kick ourselves for not being on the ball here, since we didn’t have enough miles in time anyway.

We’re still casually looking into getting tickets without miles, but it turns out they’re a bit spendy. In the meantime, we’ve also started thinking about other vacation spots. The big contenders right now are Thailand and Argentina/Chile/Easter Island. I’m compiling a bit of information about each of these choices, and I’ll post some of it after I get it all formatted and pretty.

6 thoughts on “I Come from a Land Down Under”

  1. Jessie,
    I would have loved to visit NZ this year, but it turned out that the tickets were rather pricey after we learned that we couldn’t use miles. So we booked tickets for Argentina and Chile (into Buenos Aires and out of Santiago), which I’m still very excited about. Perhaps New Zealand will be next year…

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