Venice Under Water

The LA Times has an interesting photo gallery with images of the flooding in Venice, caused by an unusually high tide. A few favorites:

Venice experienced some heavy rainfall when Kenny and I visited just over two years ago — the water level was high, but it was not quite a flood situation. Here’s a shot from our final day in Venice, shortly before we boarded a train for Bologna:


2 thoughts on “Venice Under Water”

  1. Hi, I’m from Venice and I think the photo you link are really old. Probably it was recycled from the LA Times.

    In the first photo: the S.Marco Church is currently in restoration.
    In the last photo: the red panel with “PDS” refer to a political party that does not exists anymore (since ~1995)



  2. Andrea — interesting! The LA Times has these photos dated December 1, 2008. So someone (either you, me, or the LA Times) is confused.

    Regarding the last photo — I took that photo myself about 2 years ago. I can’t vouch for the red sign — perhaps someone is nostalgic for the nineties and hasn’t removed it. I personally have not removed my Barack Obama sign from my window yet even though the election is over. ;)

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