Different Honeymoon

A couple of nights ago, my friend’s friend (Julie) received a random unsolicited email from combinedtours@trips-southamerica.com. Upon opening the message, she saw the following embedded advertisement:

As you can imagine, Julie was very surprised to see a couple of faces she recognized in the image! As was Kara, to whom Julie forwarded the message, and as was I when Kara in turn forwarded it along to me. I was as shocked as she was that Kenny and I were serving as models for a South American travel agency that we had never heard of. But even more baffling was the fact that this random image in a SPAM email from a totally obscure company, who apparently filched my image from Flickr but has no idea who I am, actually made its way back to me.

On another amusing note, the travel package described in the advertisement above includes a trip to the Brazilian side of Iguazu, which offers a panoramic view of the Cataratas, but nothing like the up close and personal experience shown in the photo, which was taken in Argentina.

6 thoughts on “Different Honeymoon”

  1. That’s kind of creepy… did you call the travel agency? Can’t you get some sort of royalties for that?

  2. DUDE find a friend who sounds like a lawyer and call these dudes and threaten a lawsuit! The same thing happened to my dad and he got I think 12 grand out of it!

    I doubt it’s legal to use something from Flickr for financial gain. You should check their legal jargon.

  3. Although on second thought, they are a foreign company and it might be difficult to negotiate. See if they have a U.S. branch! My dad just got on the phone and had words with an advertising agency in New York who thought he was a chump cause he was from Iowa. But my dad aint no chump. He made them pay.

  4. Well, I thought about contacting them… and yes it is very weird. But honestly, I don’t actually mind, and I find it completely amusing. I bet if I threatened them or asked for money they’d just find some other picture on Flickr to use. :)

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