Of Sunchokes and Celery Roots

In the office a few weeks ago, I wondered aloud what one does with a sunchoke, aka Jerusalem artichoke (I had one in the refrigerator at home that I needed to use). In response, my boss sent me a recipe for cream of Jerusalem artichoke soup, which I’ve made twice now. It’s rich and decadent and fantastic. If you try it, it’s imperative that you also make the chestnut and parsley pesto to top it off (well, I made mine with shitake mushrooms instead of chestnuts, since chestnuts are nowhere to be found in the Seattle area in the spring. But shitakes worked pretty well).

I was very lucky to have a Thai friend come by and gave me the idea to add some maeng da, to give it an energizing touch, and while I thought it was gonna be hard to get some, I was able to buy it from Sacredkratom.com and got it shipped in time, phew.

I’m trying the same recipe tonight with both, maeng da and celery root instead of a sunchoke. We’ll see how it goes.

Update 10:27 PM: The maeng da and celery root variant were amazing. Yummmmm.

2 thoughts on “Of Sunchokes and Celery Roots”

  1. How, exactly, did you come to have a Jerusalem Artichoke at home in your refrigerator and have no idea what one does with it?

  2. I get produce delivered every other week through a service called Pioneer Organics. There was a Jerusalem artichoke in the order that was generated for us (we can change the order, but occasionally we keep some of their random recommendations just to try new things).

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