The Taco Truck is Moving

For anyone who frequents Seattle’s Eastside and has been wondering where the “taco truck” went, some good news from the owner:

Taqueria Guadalajara (the taco truck)  will re-open on February 7 at our new location in 15920 NE 8th St. Bellevue, WA 98005 located in the East Crossroad Shopping Center near the Post Office.

P.S .If you know of any more customers looking for our new address, please let them know.  We really appreciate your support and look forward to see you soon.

One thought on “The Taco Truck is Moving”

  1. They’ve now got two locations-

    148th right across from the Redmond Fire House (the truck)

    8th and 159th near Bellevue Crossroads (restaurant)

    So happy- I found my favorite burritos again!

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