Sometimes Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Speaking of ligers, did you know that they actually exist? I was sure that this was just something the overly-imaginative Napoleon dreamed up, but if there’s an article about them in Wikipedia, then they must actually be real.

That’s the most amazing thing I’ve learned all day.


Update 04/13/2005, 9:56am: The story gets even crazier.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes Truth is Stranger than Fiction”

  1. well, not everything from wikipedia should be beleived, since anybody can edit an article, but yes, ligers are real, along with their counterparts, Tigons. Though, they only occur in captivity, they’re really cool. And can be found mostly in circuses. Tigons are rarer still than Ligers, and only a few have been recorded in history (i was fasinated by them in 6th grade and did a ton of research).

    In addition, Ligers are steril animals, meaning they cannot reproduce. Tigons (for some reason or another, can reproduce. weird, eh?)

    So yeah, wikipedia isn’t the best source for information at all, but ligers do exist. ^^

  2. i think this animal is the best one there is.
    At first i did not believe it was real until i made some research on this so called Liger. I love it.

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