Take Me to the River and Drop Me in the Water

I’m in Los Angeles, just visiting my mom for the evening and getting ready to take off for the annual family rafting trip with my father bright and early tomorrow morning. Don’t expect too much of a recap of the trip here though, because the #1 rule on our annual trip is “Whatever happens on the river stays on the river.”

3 thoughts on “Take Me to the River and Drop Me in the Water”

  1. I’m looking for an e-mail address or instant messaging username for Justin Ledbetter. I noticed you mention his birthday and I saw his picture in your photo gallery. I knew him when I lived in Lexington, SC and haven’t talked with him in quite a while. I’d appreciate the info.

    David Joye

  2. Hey David! Long time no talk. I emailed you at your Comcast address, but I haven’t heard back from you. You can email me at justinledbetter@gmail.com or the Hotmail address from which I sent mail to you. I hope to hear from you.

    – Justin

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