Harvard-Yale Photos

Kenny dragged me to my first “Game” (not to be confused with “The Game,” in which he has also convinced me to participate) last weekend.

We walked around Yale and pretended to be snotty Ivy League types (well, Kenny didn’t have to pretend):

…I experienced my first Harvard-Yale tailgate:

…and we watched some high school-caliber football:

The City that Doesn’t Sleep

I’m off to New York on a red-eye tonight, ’cause I’m getting dragged to the Harvard-Yale football game (“The Game”) this weekend. It should be fun. And I get to make fun of Kenny for being a snotty Ivy League kid, which is alwasy a good time.

While we’re out there, I’m going to check out Kleinfeld, which is the bridal store in New York. The place promises to be crazy — they required my credit card number to make an appointment, and they’ll charge $50 for a no-show. (!) I expect it to be amusing, but I’m also hoping not to find anything that I love too much there, as I’m having a hard enough time making a decision between the couple of gowns I’ve narrowed my search down to here in Seattle. ;)

Greece Photos

After 5 months of having this new website, I finally got around to re-posting the Greece photos.

That was an awesome vacation (and it was almost a year ago!) I’ll need to hold out until December for the next one. ;)

Olympics and Victoria Photos

New photos are up!

Photos from the Olympic Mountains with Kenny, his cousin David, and David’s girlfriend Julie from two weekends ago:

…and photos from my surprise birthday weekend in Victoria: