Snow and More Snow

I’m in California for the weekend visiting my family. I just decided to check weather back in Seattle so that I’d know what to expect upon arriving early tomorrow morning. Gorgeous:

Interestingly, Kenny told me that snow was a pretty rare occurrence in Seattle during his first six winters there. This is my fifth winter in Seattle, and we’ve seen snow every year. El Nino/La Nina? Climate change? (Somebody get Al Gore on the phone)

And while it looks like this coming week will be complete crap, it bodes well for snowboarding next weekend! This will be my first chance this winter, since I’ve been out of town for six weekends out of the last seven. Crystal got six inches last night.


Living just off of 15th Avenue, Kenny and I find ourselves at Twenty-Two Doors quite often. Tonight, Kenny had a hankering for their burger (apparently snowboarding makes him crave beef), so we went there for dinner upon arriving home from Whistler. Their menu changes relatively often (more often than the website gets updated, it seems), and at certain times it seems to have more chickentarian* options than others. Tonight there were only two I hadn’t tried: a chicken dish and the veggie lasagne. I am generally loath to order chicken when I dine out, as it is often either dull or just as easily made at home. I asked our waiter, who seemed new, for some advice.

Me: How is the lasagne?
Waiter: The vegetarian lasagne? I haven’t tried it – I’m not a vegetarian. But I’ve seen it – it looks good.
Me: Okay, well, I’m not a vegetarian either, but I’ll try it.

I hadn’t realized that non-vegetarians couldn’t eat vegetables. I’ll have to file that one away.

Also, when Kenny and I were in Whistler this weekend, we saw a new restaurant/bar in the Village called 21 Steps. And I wondered: when one ascends 21 steps, does she find 22 doors at the top?


* Reminder to self: should write a blog entry defining this term at some point.

Overheard at Remedy Teas

Kenny and I didn’t try to brave the icy roads to get into work today, but rather spent some time working from home and from Remedy Teas, a hip new tea shop around the corner from our condo (Kenny blogged his first impressions of Remedy a few days ago).

A man and a woman were sitting at a table near ours, and the woman was advising the man on how to get his own blog up and running. Her sage advice included:

And you need to provide an RSS feed on your blog, just for the small slice of geeks out there who use it.

Incidentally, I can see myself spending a lot of time at Remedy Teas in the future. Huge tea list + free internet + pleasant environment = happiness.