Geek Couple

I never feel quite right posting much personal information here these days, especially as this seems to have morphed into more of a work-related blog than a personal one. But maybe we’ll pretend that this news item is work-related, since it involves two Microsoft employees: KW and I are getting married. It’s pretty crazy stuff… except that, well, it’s not actually that crazy at all.

We’re easing our way into the wedding planning process. We expect that it won’t be too too stressful, since we’re both pretty good at making decisions and just don’t want to be stupid about things. So far, people have been impressed at our ability to execute on this stuff, so I hope it continues that way.

We probably won’t set up a silly wedding website at a silly domain like I think Kenny and I own enough domains between the two of us. I may, however, dedicate part of this site to a bit of practical/logistical wedding info if necessary. I’ll try not to be too obnoxious about it.

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  1. WOOOOOW!!! Just randomly popped back in on your site and I see you are taking the big plunge into Marriedville!!! CONGRATS!!! Hope you are doing well!! :)

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