Overheard at Remedy Teas

Kenny and I didn’t try to brave the icy roads to get into work today, but rather spent some time working from home and from Remedy Teas, a hip new tea shop around the corner from our condo (Kenny blogged his first impressions of Remedy a few days ago).

A man and a woman were sitting at a table near ours, and the woman was advising the man on how to get his own blog up and running. Her sage advice included:

And you need to provide an RSS feed on your blog, just for the small slice of geeks out there who use it.

Incidentally, I can see myself spending a lot of time at Remedy Teas in the future. Huge tea list + free internet + pleasant environment = happiness.

3 thoughts on “Overheard at Remedy Teas”

  1. I think Remedy Teas could do with some help from a small slice of geeks, judging by their own homepage :)

    – priceless!

    Seriously, sounds like a cool joint – I’ll have to look it up next time I’m in the area.


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