Going for the Record

When I got back from South America, I learned that it had rained in Seattle every single day since I left (not a bad time to be out of town, eh?) And it continued raining all last week. By Friday, Governor Gregoire declared a state of emergency due to the flooding and road damage caused by 26 days of consecutive rain. In fact, by Friday it looked like we were pretty close to setting a new record, as the existing record for the number of days of consecutive rainfall in Seattle is 33 (in 1953). However, it was not to be: Saturday’s rain brought our total consecutive days of rain to 27, but not a drop fell yesterday. We were just 6 days shy of meeting that record.

Of course, it’s raining again today. If we weren’t going to break the record anyway, it would have been nice to have at least two days off.

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