Are you building software to help your community?

We recognize that local organizations, working on the ground, are the ones best equipped to propose interventions that will help their communities find ways out of poverty. Our aim is to augment your efforts by furthering your technology goals and building the capacity of your technical staff, while enabling professionals from the US to make positive impact. If you are building software that helps your community in the areas of health care, argiculture and food security, economic development, or education, we'd like to support you.

NOTE: For our first pilot, we are focusing our efforts on projects in East Africa. Organizations located elsewhere are welcome to contact us, but it is unlikely we will be able to include you in this pilot. Additionally, to ease logistics we will give preference to organizations that have some US presence (presence in the Seattle area is an even bigger plus).

We'd like to help.

We'd like to match you with a software industry professional from the Seattle area, who can serve as a pro bono technical consultant on your project. This volunteer will:

  • Work with you to refine your technology requirements to something he/she can help you develop
  • Commit to spending 5 hours per week for 3 months

In order to make your GDG fellow's investment worthwhile, we will ask you to:

  • Write up your detailed project requirements, to serve as your proposal for your service grant
  • Help get your fellow up to speed
  • Commit to weekly conference calls with your remote GDG fellow
  • Provide regular feedback -- to us and your fellow -- on how things are going
  • Carry on your fellow's work after her assignment is over

Let's talk.

If you think our program could be a fit for you, please take a few minutes to fill out our service grant application. This will help us determine whether your project meets our criteria, and what type of volunteer would be best for you.