Wedding Photo Highlights

Kenny and I were fortunate to find an amazing Seattle wedding photographer named Rebecca Sullivan. She has showcased some highlights from our wedding in her portfolio on her website. To find us, click on “Celebrations,” and in the new window that pops up, scroll down to the album labeled “JOYOUS.”

In there you’ll also get a sneak peek at our cake (made by cake goddess Aimee at Hollyhock Cakes), our flowers (arranged by flower genius Julie at Bella Rugosa), and our band (the ever-entertaining HB Radke). We lucked out with some pretty awesome local vendors.

We actually have over 1200 photos from Rebecca on 4 DVDs. At some point I’ll get around to getting a set of highlights (hopefully around 150-200) up on this site. Before I get to that, we still need to finish writing thank you notes (almost done).

Unifying the CD Collections

On a suggestion from the KEXP blog, Kenny and I recently invested in a few sets of DiscSox CD sleeves. He came home from band practice the other night to find me snapping open all of my old jewel cases and transferring the CDs + front and back inserts into sleeves. He joined me and helped me finish my collection, and then we got out his big CD Logic books and started transferring his CDs from those as well. The sleeves (and the storage tray) are wonderful because they allow for storage of the inserts in addition to the CDs, they save enormous amounts of space, they are easy to sift through quickly, and they won’t crack like our old jewel cases did.

And now both of our CD collections are integrated into one large alphabetized library. Pretty weird. I suppose it’s one of those things we needed to do before the wedding to really feel like we were forming a union. But there were a few coincidences that worked out nicely in the unification process, e.g. I own Pablo Honey, Amnesiac, Kid A, and Hail to the Thief; Kenny owns OK Computer and The Bends; between the two of us we have a pretty good Radiohead collection (oddly, OK Computer and The Bends are my two favorite Radiohead albums, so I don’t know why I’ve owned the others and not those two all this time). There were a couple of other artists for whom we now have the complete oeuvre with no duplicates, and other nice scenarios where we did not have overlap simply because one of us had lost a CD somewhere down the line.

It all seems to bode well for the marriage thing. And I know KW will never want to call it off because he’d lose my entire Beatles collection.

Reducing Impulsive Marriages…

This morning before work, KW and I went to the King County Administration office to apply for a marriage license. Marriage licensing in King County costs $60 (in cash) and the applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Once you have acquired your marriage license, there is a three-day waiting period before it is valid.

It’s like buying a gun!


When Kenny and I were in New York a few weeks ago, he had some free time while I was in a work meeting, so he went down to the Lower East Side to check out ketubot. A ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract. A traditional ketubah spells out the rights of the bride, including the fact that the husband must provide her with food, clothing, and “marital relations”. If the husband passes away, she may exchange the ketubah for money from his estate on which to live.

Ketubot may be very simple or may be elaborate pieces of art that couples will display in their homes.

Back in ancient times, the ketubah was a rather progressive development, because it guaranteed a set of rights to a woman. Today, the traditional ketubah text is considered outdated by most, and many people choose to use a more modern egalitarian text — of which there are many.

Quite a few couples today also commission local artists to make their ketubot, incorporating images from their lives or other symbols that are important to them. Kenny and I considered commissioning a ketubah, but when we started thinking about images associated with our relationship the ideas we came up with were strange: the Microsoft logo, the Ramayana (the apartment building in which we both lived, but not at the same time), a rubber frog, a computer? Perhaps if we were more serious individuals we would have come up with something better. :)

But Kenny found a ketubah in the Lower East Side that we both really liked, and we just ordered it. It should look fantastic when it is framed and hung on our bright red living room wall.

You Can Sleep When You’re 30

A few months ago, Kenny and I were driving on Denny Way, and we saw a billboard for some energy drink that said, “You can sleep when you’re 30.” At that point, Kenny got very excited about his upcoming 30th birthday, thinking that he’d finally be able to get some well-deserved rest.

It’s been a little over a month since that fateful birthday, and I’m not quite sure that has happened (what with multiple all-nighters pulled in South America and Miami, and his trip to Atlanta a little over a week ago). But we had fun taking him out for a belated birthday bash at the Chapel this past weekend. All the photos are here, a few highlights below.